Keep your cool with clients

The old adage still holds true, “Always put your best foot forward.” I’ll add to that, “Keep your cool.”

As your schedule heats up during this busy tax season, be mindful of keeping your client interactions positive and professional – even with clients that are difficult to deal with.

Don’t complain about anything to your clients – not about taxes, not about office expenses, not about the government, and certainly not about your staff or competitors. Your clients have problems of their own and aren’t interested in paying you to listen to your problems.

Don’t complain about being overworked either. If you tell clients that you are too busy, they might worry that you won’t be able to complete their work for them. It also sends a message to them not to refer new business to you. Keep your office neat and orderly too. A messy office sends the message that you are overworked.

So, during this busy time of year, stay focused on your clients, not your problems. Assure clients of your professionalism, not just through your accounting expertise, but your personal conduct as well. Maintain your best efforts to be perceived in a positive light.

Arvid Mostad

Arvid Mostad is the President and co-founder of Mostad & Christensen, Inc. Since 1978, M&C's marketing products have helped accounting firms build client loyalty, get more referrals, add value to services, be visible in their community, and keep clients informed.