Focus on providing outstanding customer service

Many companies know how to “say” customer service; they just don’t know how to “do” customer service. Customer service in not in the SAYING, it is in the DOING. Your entire staff should strive to go beyond what your clients expect. Make sure your employees know the power they have to keep a client happy.

Proper interaction with clients allows for gathering valuable information about the products and services you offer (or don’t offer). Employees should be instructed to bring all customer comments, both good and bad, to the weekly or monthly staff meeting. If customer testimonials are useful in your advertising program, consider paying employees for capturing customer compliments as they come up in everyday conversation. Testimonials are the next best thing to personal referrals.

Customer service is not a part-time activity and it is not just for select customers. Treat all of your clients with the same high level of courtesy and attention. All of your clients deserve the same royal treatment as all other customers.

Your employees must be reminded on a regular basis that the customer is the one who determines the employees’ wages, paid time off, as well as any future pay increases. Your clients have no obligation to continue using you for their accounting services. The way they are treated both before and after the project will determine if and when they will return. It will also determine how willing they are to refer you to their friends.

Exceptional customer service is no accident. It can only be provided if every employee is tuned into making the customer number one. For lack of a better term, let’s call it “Customerthink.”

Arvid Mostad

Arvid Mostad is the President and co-founder of Mostad & Christensen, Inc. Since 1978, M&C's marketing products have helped accounting firms build client loyalty, get more referrals, add value to services, be visible in their community, and keep clients informed.