CPAs: Should you advertise your accounting practice?

I have heard accountants say they don’t advertise (market their services) because people already know who they are and what they do. Well, tell that to Wal-Mart or McDonalds – two companies who clearly advertise non-stop – not because they like spending money, but because they know advertising works!

Consistent advertising of your accounting practice will expand your client base, qualify prospects, and increase your profits.

Some think advertising consists only of newspaper and yellow page ads, billboard space, or online banner ads. Actually, there are countless other ways to advertise your firm.

Here are some very affordable ways to put your firm in the public eye.

  • Consider a direct mailing to your clients and prospects that identifies your areas of expertise (other than tax preparation), such as management reviews, internal control audits, estate planning, etc.
  • Offer to speak to local service club luncheons. Give a fifteen minute speech on “what to do if the IRS calls.” Invite questions after your talk, and also suggest that those who would like a more in-depth answer to their questions call your office at no charge.
  • Submit your web address to local online accounting directories, chambers of commerce, etc. These sites get lots of visibility with search engines and will help direct traffic to your site.
  • Get out your yellow pad and jot down all the possible promotional ideas that come to mind. Perhaps hold a brainstorming session with your entire staff. Once the list is made, decide which ideas are the most practical, most easily accomplished, and which will be the most sustainable.

Advertising is an ongoing effort. Treat it as such and you will reap the benefits.


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