Accountants: Include a newsletter in your online marketing

Clients and prospects who visit your website are looking for information about tax, business, and financial matters. An online newsletter is an excellent way to communicate broadly with all of your clientele.

Whether you write it yourself or use an outside source, your newsletter should be designed to specifically market your specialized services.

Like printed newsletters, online newsletters should be well-written and carefully edited. Keep newsletter articles brief and interesting. Don’t overload your newsletter with technical jargon that is over the heads of your readers. If articles contain hyperlinks, confirm that the links are active.

Let viewers know how often your newsletter is updated and encourage them to bookmark your site so they can easily return to it. Better yet, send your readers an email with a link to the newsletter each time a new issue is published.

Display your firm’s contact information on the opening page of your newsletter. Visitors to your website want to know who you are, where you are, and how to contact you when the need arises.

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