Accountants: How’s your cell phone and texting etiquette?

While with a client, leave your cell phone off and out of sight. That’s it. That should be all that needs to be said.

But many of us seem to think we can be an exception to this common courtesy. Imagine being in a meeting where you are paying your attorney for her professional advice. If her cell phone rings, you will most likely be irritated. You will be even more so if she stays on the call for more than a few seconds.

Your clients will appreciate your undivided attention. The fact that they may take phone calls does not give you license to do the same. Besides, they are paying for your time. If you absolutely must take a certain call, tell your client beforehand and then make it as brief as possible.

Keep your cell off and out of sight. It’s another way of telling your clients they’re important to you.


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