New Client Memo on Repair Regulations now available

Just a quick word on a new product line that we are offering – CLIENT MEMOS. Each Client Memo covers a single topic concisely (2-3 pages) and in plain English. Our new Memo – now available – is entitled, “Will the new repair regulations affect your business?”

This new Client Memo covers the distinction between asset costs that must be capitalized and those that can be currently expensed. Plus: The Memo explains the safe harbors included in the IRS regulations. Send the Memo to your business clients to help them understand how the new repair/capitalization rules will affect them.

This Client Memo is ready to:

  • Mail to your clients (snail mail).
  • E-mail directly to clients and prospects.
  • Post on your website or social media accounts.

You will receive the Client Memo via e-mail in two formats: MS Word and plain-text – making it easy to edit and personalize.

Use our new Client Memos to boost your engagements by encouraging clients and prospects to see you for ongoing tax planning. Your clients will appreciate this concise, easy-to-read information.

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Arvid Mostad

Arvid Mostad is the President and co-founder of Mostad & Christensen, Inc. Since 1978, M&C's marketing products have helped accounting firms build client loyalty, get more referrals, add value to services, be visible in their community, and keep clients informed.